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Bladder Instillations

Over the years, bladder instillations have become an emerging treatment option for IC patients. Included in the official American Urological Association (AUA) treatment guidelines for IC, bladder instillations provide immediate treatment because medication is delivered directly to the bladder.

AUA guidelines indicate bladder instillations as a second-line treatment option when treatments such as diet modifications, stress management, and over-the-counter products do not provide adequate symptom relief.

Hep-Lido-A* (Alkalinized Lidocaine and Heparin):
A proprietary compounded formulation for bladder instillation

Hep-Lido-A* is a compounded formulation that is instilled directly into the bladder as an immediate treatment option for patients with IC/PBS. Physicians are able to provide patients with an immediate treatment option during their flare-up, while the patient may be making lifestyle diet changes, stress management, or oral medications that may take time to provide relief.


       Preparing the Hep-Lido-A compounded formulation

The compounded preparation includes heparin and alkalinized lidocaine. Hep-Lido-A* is carefully compounded at regulated pharmacies and tested for optimal potency and quality. Our formulation is prepared in a ready to use syringe that allows the patient to easily prepare and instill into their bladder. No measuring or additional mixing needed.

Contact your doctor, or call us today at 844-FOR-MY-IC (844-367-6942) and we will help you find an IC Specialist.

Ready to Use

Ready to use, pre-mixed, and sterile
for easy administration


Affordable and reimbursed by many insurance companies


Packaged with all the tools needed for instillation in one single kit

You may receive your instillations at home or at the doctor’s office.
The bladder instillation kits can be sent directly to you or to your doctor’s office.

in-office instillations

You can schedule visits to the doctor's office for your instillation during a flare-up.

at-home instillations

You can be trained to use bladder instillation kits for convenient home use.

Hep-Lido-A* formulation is pre-mixed and requires no additional mixing.

Each bladder instillation is provided with a ready to use syringe, and a hydrophilic catheter for instillation.

How to Administer a Bladder Instillation

Instillation is performed by inserting a catheter into the urethra and dispensing the pre-mixed compounded formulation into the bladder.

A patient may hold the formulation in their bladder for up to 30 minutes, depending on what is instructed by the physician, prior to releasing it. The number of bladder instillations will be dependent on severity of the symptoms, and instructions provided by the physician. A typical flare-up may last anywhere from 2 to 7 days. More severe patients may require more bladder instillations. Please consult a physician for proper dosing.

*Hep-Lido-A is compounded by a pharmacist pursuant to a prescription for an individually identified patient. Prescriptions may be customized.
Bladder instillations may cause discomfort depending on frequency of catheterization.

Developed by world-renowned urologists, Hep-Lido-A* compounded formulation may
provide an immediate treatment option, especially in times of painful flares.

Only your doctor can help you decide which treatment options are right for you. Be sure to discuss all your symptoms, including the frequency and severity, with your doctor.


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