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Dedicated to the Education and Treatment of Patients Suffering From Interstitial Cystitis (IC)

Do you find yourself suffering from bladder pressure, bladder pain, or urinary urgency and frequency? These are all common symptoms of interstitial cystitis (IC), also known as painful bladder syndrome (PBS). It is estimated that as many as 10 million men and women in the US alone suffer from interstitial cystitis (IC).1,2

Women make up 80% of those affected, however, many men may also suffer from IC.

To date, treatment options for IC symptoms have relied heavily on behavioral changes (eg, diet modifications and self-management) and oral medications (eg, antidepressants) that may take months to be effective.

References: 1. Berry SH, Stoto MA, Elliott M, et al. Prevalence of symptoms of interstitial cystitis/painful bladder syndrome among adult females in the US. Available at: Accessed February 6, 2015. 2. Clemens JQ, Link CL, Eggers PW, et al. Prevalence of painful bladder symptoms and effect on quality of life in black, Hispanic and white men and women. J Urol. 2007;177(4):1390-1394.

Get the facts and
get back to life.

If you or a loved one suffers from IC, the information and resources on this site may help you manage your condition so you can get back to doing what you enjoy in life.

On this site, you can:

  • - Read about symptoms for IC/PBS
  • - Acquire tips to prepare you to talk to your doctor
  • - Learn about immediate treatment options to manage your IC
  • - Find an IC specialist in your area

Join the conversation and get back to life.

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Having trouble finding a doctor who understands your symptoms? A proper and timely diagnosis is your first step to managing your condition.

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